502 Cannabis Counsel

Halverson Law Group works with producer, processor, and retail 502 Cannabis businesses to convert their business ideas into practical realities. Whether we're assisting our clients in selecting the right business entity to form, planning and structuring their business entity, creating a business plan to seek funding from financiers, or acquisition or mergers, we give practical, experienced business and legal advice for all phases of our client's business entity’s life cycle.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB or LCB) is the government agency in charge of the implementation, licensing and enforcement of I-502 recreational marijuana in Washington: The WSLCB has created strict regulations regarding many different subjects such as the security minimums and the prevention of minors’ access to marijuana. I-502 does not preempt federal law. As of today, Washington State residents involved in marijuana production, processing, and retail can still be subject to prosecution if the federal government chooses to do so.

Our firm works closely with our clients to counsel them on the most effective means of resolving disputes. We provide litigation services, including I-502 marijuana regulations, violation disputes, real estate and contract disputes, land use, environmental issues and business disputes in and out of court.

Our services include:

  • Litigation against violations in defense of your 502 business
  • Administrative hearings regarding the denial or revocation of your WSLCB license
  • Civil litigation of zoning compliance issues
  • Litigation of contract disputes


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